1. Youngsun Chemicals Co. Ltd. is a vertically integrated producer of Antimony based flame retardants – associated with mining, mineral ore processing, metals smelting and refining production for high quality Antimony Trioxide.

  2. Thai Unipet Industries Co. Ltd. – a subsidiary of Youngsun Chemicals with a production facility in Thailand.

  3. Presafer ( Qingyuan ) Phosphor Chemical Co. Ltd. is an innovative manufacturer in strategic partnership with Y&E for solely representation in North American market for Phosphorus based Flame Retardants (Non-halogen) and the polymer compounding products.


  1. Youngsun and Essen Corporation is a joint venture between Youngsun Chemicals Co. Ltd. and Essen Corporation which was founded in 2000.

  2. IMCD US is a reputable specialty chemicals distributor who becomes the exclusive sales agent company for Y&E with the extensive territory coverage in North American Market.